8th Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments – LSDVE 2021


EURO-PAR Conference 2021 is the prime European conference covering all aspects of parallel and distributed processing, ranging from theory to practice, from small to the largest parallel and distributed systems and infrastructures, from fundamental computational problems to full-fledged applications, from architecture, compiler, language, and interface design and implementation, to tools, support infrastructures, and application performance aspects. Euro-Par’s unique organization into topics provides an excellent forum for focused technical discussion, as well as interaction with a large, broad, and diverse audience

Within this event, Barbara Guidi and Laura Ricci from the University of Pisa organised and co-chaired the 8th Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Virtual Environments (LSDVE 2021) in collaboration with ARTICONF Project.

Abstract: The recent advances in networking have determined an increasing use of information technology to support distributed networked cooperative applications. Several novel applications have emerged in this area: distributed social networks and media, blockchain-based social media, token economies, and collaborative applications. In particular, this workshop aims to provide a venue for researchers to present and discuss important aspects of large-scale networked collaborative applications and of the platforms supporting them, with a particular focus on distributed social networks and media. Social Networks are dynamic and evolving in nature and involve a huge amount of users and this makes it challenging to design distributed platforms for social networks/media. Important challenges are the design of user interfaces, coordination protocols, and proper middle-ware and architectures. The workshop’s aim is to provide the opportunity for scientists, engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to discuss and exchange novel ideas, results, and experience on all the aspects of Distributed Social Networks design and their deployment on distributed architectures.