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Citizen Journalism Report App

MAY 25, 2020 | nEWS

SWISS TXT has released its new “CJ Report App” in a first version for Android. It is available to the HELIOS consortium for testing, as an apk in the development repository (Gitlab). 

This version shows the features of how a Citizen Journalist can use self-produced articles anonymously, in a decentralized peer-to-peer file system (called IPFS), to store and share hypermedia like videos or pictures taken on the mobile phone. The backend platform is based on an Ethereum network which interacts directly with the block chain via Smart Contract, allowing journalists to publish content anonymously directly into the IPFS non-changeable p2p system.

On the other hand, through a decentralized application website (called DApp), publishers and public broadcasters have the opportunity to use the Citizen Journalist articles. They can view the anonymous Citizen Journalist articles and republish articles on their own websites. They can also send a donation to the journalist.

This “CJ Reporter App” is based on the IPFS protocol and it is the first decentralized module running as an application within the HELIOS network.