Conference Paper: “A rewarding Model for the next generation Social Media”

Barbara Guidi & Laura Ricci 
- University of Pisa Vanessa Clemente & Tomás Garcia
- Worldline Iberia GOODTECHS 20: Proceedings on the 6h International
Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social
Good Session: OASIS: Open Challenges in Online Social
Networks Online September 14th-15th, 2020


Decentralization techniques have been radically changed during the last few years thanks to new decentralized technologies, such as the blockchain. Blockchain-based Online Social Media (BOSMs) have been proposed as the future of Social Media where users are rewarded for their valuable content. Even if these platforms are used by millions of users, they are not fully decentralized. The next generation of Social Media requires the decentralization as the primary characteristic. HELIOS is a decentralized social media platform that addresses the dynamic nature of human communications, and it includes techniques such as decentralisation, context detection in IoT environment, real and virtual object networking, peer-to-peer based content streaming and validation. The paper defines a rewarding system that incentives and engages existing and potential users on the use of the HELIOS Platform, by exploiting the main characteristics of current rewarding strategies applied to BOSMs. The paper proposes an analysis of current blockchain technologies, and the main characteristics of a rewarding system for a decentralized Social Media. The framework is based on the Quorum Network.

Keywords: Blockchain, Blockchain Based Online Social Media, BOSMs, Social Media, Decentralised, Communications, IoT, Peer to Peer, Streaming, Rewarding, Quorum Network