Conference Paper: “Consensual (Design) Fictions: co-creating iterative use cases to define technology conceptualization”

David Hernández Falagán, Andreu Belsunces Goncalves & Kevin Koidl
Escola Massana (Barcelona) | Trinity College (Dublin)

Design Culture(s). Cumulus Conference Proceedings Roma 2021Volume #2
Edited by: Loredana Di Lucchio, Lorenzo Imbesi, Angela Giambattista, Viktor Malakuczi
ISBN 978-952-64-9004-5,
ISSN 2490-046X – Cumulus Conference Proceedings Series, N°7

Chapter: Design Culture (OF) Artificial. Digital | Technology | Robotics
Page 119-214


Design Fiction has become the basic tool with which a team of European institutions has addressed the definition of use cases for the project of a future social network called HELIOS. This article aims to showcase this experience of technological conceptualization that has used a co-creation process of speculative figurations as a methodological resource.
The underlying HELIOS project funded by the EU through the H2020 program is a proposal for a decentralized social platform. It proposes an alternative to existing networks because of its context awareness and its connectivity based on trust and transparency. Key findings of this practice-based research show a proto-toolkit on how collaborative fictional narratives are useful in innovation processes. Moreover, it presents a procedure to deal with the complexity of not-yet-existing technologies and socio-technical scenarios. The article highlights some challenges to add ethical, political, and environmental concerns to the technology development process itself.

Keywords: co-creation, technology, speculative design, innovation