Conference Paper: “Tokenization and Blockchain Tokens Classification: a morphological framework”

Pierluigi Freni, Enrico Ferro & Roberto Moncada
Business Model Innovation
LINKS Foundation 

1st Workshop on Blockchain Theory 
and Applications (BRAIN 2020) in 
conjunction with ISCC 2020

July 7th, 2020


The work here presented moves from the acknowledgment that, even if blockchain technology has been around for more than ten years, the knowledge about its economic and business implications is fragmented and heterogeneous. In the first place, it is analyzed the shift from economics to tokenomics and the central role of the token within blockchain-based ecosystems. Subsequently, a generalized definition of the token is proposed. Diving into the requirements for a comprehensive description of tokens, that takes into account their wide variety, a comparative assessment of token classification frameworks available in the literature is performed. This analysis is leveraged to propose a new and
comprehensive token classification framework, based on a morphological analysis representation. The proposed framework will be further refined with an empirical and iterative approach in future works.