HELIOS @AI4EU Web Café – “COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Apps”

JUNE 23, 2020 | 15:00 – 16:00

HELIOS participated at the special AI4EU Café on Tuesday, June 23rd at 3 pm, titled “COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Apps”. On this occasion, the session, organised by Carmen Mac Williams from Grassroot Arts and participant of HELIOS, was held on a new multi-presenter format with experts from both AI4EU and HELIOS project as guest speakers.

The agenda included the following presentations and speakers:

  • “The AI4EU Observatory for the COVID-19 crisis” by Teresa Scantamburlo, from European Centre for Living Technologies
  • “COVID-19: technical solutions and the response from society” by Atia Cortes, from Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • “The implications of digital contact tracing solutions in light of EU data protection law” by Pierre Dewitte and Daphné Van Der Eycke from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • “Tracing encounters instead of tracing people” by Ville Ollikainen from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (HELIOS Project Coordinator)
  • “The decentralization of Social Media” by Barbara Guidi from University of Pisa and participant of HELIOS project
  • “Proximity and trust in hyperlocal social networks” by Kevin Koidl from Trinity College Dublin and participant of HELIOS project
  • “The relation between COVID-19 disinformation and contact tracing” by Symeon (Akis) Papadopoulos from Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) and participant of HELIOS project
  • “Dark numbers in the COVID-19 pandemic, testing and manual versus automated contact tracing” by Steen Rasmussen from University of Southern Denmark & Santa Fe Institute

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