HELIOS App – CJ Reporter

The HELIOS Platform is being validated through the development of decentralised social media apps which address different needs of today’s users.

CJ Reporter app, developed mainly by our partners SWISS TXT with components from the HELIOS Platform, demonstrates the Prosumer Journey, from production to the contribution of pictures and videos on a decentralised app useful for both professional and citizen journalists wanting to share what is happening around them.

Which are the main features of this app?

  • Allows users to record videos and publish them anonymously
  • All contributions are stored in IPFS Storage (P2P)
  • Ethereum Smart Contracts are used to manage the interactions between the CJ Reporter and the DApp, which allows access to the CJ content in the IPFS network.
  • Allows donations that are stored in the CJ App – Wallet

If you want to know more about CJ Reporter App visit the HELIOS Platform Website: