iLRN Showcase

JUNE 23, 2020 | 08:00 – 09:00

HELIOS participated at the Immersive Learning Project Showcase & Competition, iLRN 2020, within the 6th International Conf. Immersive Learning Research Network, online and in virtual reality, that took place virtually between the 21st and 25th of June.

Dimitrios Ververidis from CERTH presented the VR Authoring Tool that is part of the HELIOS Platform.

Abstract: Online virtual spaces revolutionize the educational landscape by providing distant courses and non-formal education activities that otherwise would be difficult if not infeasible to be offered. We offer a solution towards optimizing the learning process in three types of virtual spaces, namely one related to the subject of Chemistry, one to the subject of Wind Energy, and culture related one.

Knowledge from the domain of 3D graphics engines, i.e. Unity, where the capture and analysis of detailed behavioral data are exploited. Game Analytics is used to profile users, predict their behavior, provide insights into the design of experience, and adapt them to users. Our data-driven approach solves the problems of designing, revising, and evolving virtual spaces by the development of an easy to use authoring environment with web technologies for educators and cultural experts that integrates the above methodological paradigms.

The work, initially supported by EU project ENVISAGE and currently supported by EU project HELIOS, attempts to find a solution for authoring multiplayer experiences that have the character of collaboration between actual and virtual presence, i.e. by connecting augmented and virtual reality, an interconnection which can be crucial for distant learning due to COVID-19.