Helios@AI4EU Cafe: Next Generation of a rewarding system for social networks

The Helios@AI4EU Cafe has presented the Speaker Vanessa Clemente (Worldline Mobile Competence Center, Spain)

This Café session is a cross-project collaboration between the Horizon 2020 European Research Projects HELIOS and AI4EU in the current Next Generation Internet Program.

Description: During the last years, the amount of content creation through social media has grown rapidly. Every single day, we consume and create content ranging from articles to videos, images, etc. from a wide number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. However, most of these social networks fail in providing a fair and transparent rewarding system. Without active users who spend many hours interacting, creating content, posting, sharing, and engaging via “likes“ and comments, the platforms would not be of such value. To solve this problem, the decentralization of OSNs has seen the rise of Blockchain-based Online Social Media (BOSMs). These platforms give more importance to the content by providing rewarding systems. The main idea of these sites is to offer a fair and transparent business model where social media users can monetize their content. o During the talk, an overview of current Blockchain-based Online Social Media (BOSMs) will be presented to show how they are currently applying a decentralized rewarding system. Afterwards, we will focalized on how we have developed the Helios Rewarding System; the pre-research conducted, its main functionalities, how it works and its architecture. To finalize we will show a video-demo showing the capabilities of Helios Rewarding system.