Helios.TALK App – Demo

The HELIOS Platform is being validated through the development of decentralised social media apps which address different needs of today’s users.

helios.TALK is one of the HELIOS Validation Apps. It allows users to communicate in a fully decentralized and confidential mode with their friends in defined contexts. The app is a perfect example of the integration of the various components and social media services developed by HELIOS Partners to build a unique decentralised social media app.

Which are the main features of this app?

  • Adding Contacts: users need to exchange links in order to create a rendezvous key and initiate the communication.
  • One-on-one and group communications
  • Manage different contexts: users can create or remove contexts, define colour, link a specific location to a context and add contacts to contexts.
  • Users can create/update and share their profile with their contacts.
  • Users can like/pin messages of their contacts and access them from the Fav(s) tab
  • Users can perform video calls.
  • Users can receive suggestions on the next interactions.

If you want to know more about Helios.TALK visit the HELIOS Platform Website: