helios.TALK App | New demo video

helios.TALK is a messaging application that offers the opportunity to connect with people you know, or who share similar interests and gain knowledge about specific topics. Communication is fully distributed on a P2P network, with each user being the sole owner of their own information, fully safeguarding their privacy. In addition, all one-on-one messages are transmitted in a fully encrypted way.

Apart from the increased security, helios.TALK provides many more useful features. Users can create contexts that can be connected to a certain location and start conversations, such as one-on-one chats, group chats and forums that can be connected to both a location and a time range. Through these conversations, users can send messages that include text, images, video or any files, start video calls and share their contacts. Users are able to discover new forums that reflect their interests and automatically build their interest profiles based on the photos they keep on their devices.

The helios. TALK application is publicly available on Google Play Store: