Helios@AI4EU Cafe: Blockchain for COVID-19 contact tracing and vaccine support

The Helios@AI4EU Cafe has presented the Speaker Laura Ricci, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa.

This Café session is a cross-project collaboration between the Horizon 2020 European Research Projects HELIOS and AI4EU in the current Next Generation Internet Program.

Description: Several blockchain projects to help against COVID-19 are emerging at a fast pace, showing the potential of this disruptive technology to mitigate the multi-systemic threats that the pandemic is posing in all phases of emergency management and generating value for the economy and society as a whole. This talk investigates how blockchain technology can be useful in the scope of supporting health measures that can reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections and allow the return to normality. Since the prominent use of blockchains to mitigate COVID-19 consequences are in the area of contact tracing and vaccine/immunity passport support, the talk mainly focuses on these two classes of applications.