Helios@AI4EU Cafe: How user evaluation changed in times of COVID 19

The Helios@AI4EU Cafe has presented the Speaker Pau Pamplona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) 

This Café session is a cross-project collaboration between the Horizon 2020 European Research Projects HELIOS and AI4EU in the current Next Generation Internet Program.

Description: Evaluation of digital services and products involving users is of great importance. User evaluation provides relevant information to help improve what is being developed. With the COVID-19 outbreak many things changed and conducting evaluations with users became challenging. After one year of pandemic, many researchers and entities involved in the user evaluation had to find work arounds and make use of new resources to overcome the burdens found, to continue their research. In this presentation, we will give some examples and recommendations to overcome the limitations brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.