Helios@AI4EU Cafe: Why should You be interested in HELIOS?

The Helios@AI4EU Cafe has presented the Speaker Ville Ollikainen, Research Team Leader of Applied Cryptography research team at VTT. 

This Café session is a cross-project collaboration between the Horizon 2020 European Research Projects HELIOS and AI4EU in the current Next Generation Internet Program.


HELIOS is a European project with fourteen partners in eight different European countries. It is funded by the European Commission program Horizon 2020, under grant 825585.

From 2019, the project has developed tools for a technical platform to create for Peer-to-Peer social media services. The tools do not only contain basic messaging, but also other features like communication in contexts, information overload prevention, feedback, and rewarding.

With the toolkit, anyone skilled in Android development can launch their own social media services without any need for setting up servers, as the communications take place between users.

In this presentation the coordinator, Research Team Leader Ville Ollikainen from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland will give summarize the project. Regarding the tools, the easiest way to utilize the results of HELIOS now is to join HELIOS Challenge, a competition during which a technical support team will assist participants in making novel social media apps come true. This Challenge will be introduced at the end of the presentation.