II Seminario Internazionale Sull’Accessibilità Patrimonio Culturale e Audiodescrizione


The role of the translator as a linguistic-cultural mediator raises more and more questions of scientific relevance. In particular, the situations in which it has to perform its task are no longer limited to the linguistic-literary sphere but fall within the broader context of making cultural heritage accessible, where it is required not only to break down linguistic barriers but also sensory and cognitive. To understand the many aspects that underlie this area, the Degree Course in “Civilization and Modern Foreign Languages” of the University of Parma organizes the 2nd International Day on Accessibility “Cultural Heritage and Audio Description”.

The event focused on the figure of the mediator between cultures, technologies and sciences, is aimed at students, citizens and companies interested in professionalism on the accessibility market and the related training offers. The day is structured in conferences and workshops, which will cover the theme of making cultural heritage accessible both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. There will be prominent exponents from the academic, professional and associative world operating in this area.

HELIOS was presented by Pilar Orero from UAB, on November 5th at 09:50am within the session “International Projects about Audio Description”.