Introduction to Special Issue: “Re-Imagining a More Trustworthy Social Media Future”

Kevin Koidl & Kristina Kapanova, 
Trinity College Dublin
Social Media + Social Journal
Volume: 6 Issue: 2


This Special Issue seeks to stimulate novel research focused on the relationship between social media platforms and how users can interact with them and with one another in a more trustworthy way. The far-reaching societal consequences of social media require an understanding into users’ habits, fears, and the trade-off they are willing to bear between the platform’s social advantages and personal privacy. In addition, the Special Issue features articles focusing on the need for new approaches to data privacy based on collective rights. The subject of algorithmic importance in information propagation and personal ad targeting has also been raised about the need for elucidating their effects on each user and the possibility of establishing new social media infrastructures, where users are the owners of the underlying algorithms and ultimate selectors of data of interest to them.

Keywords: social media, social network, trust