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HELIOS @Designing futures in times of emergency

Virtual event organised by Museu del Disseny de Barcelona Dec 9th-10th, 2020 Our partners David Falagan and Andreu Belsunces from Escola Massana were invited to the talk “Designing futures in times of emergency” organised by the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. The 2-day event took place within the fifth edition of the Design for Living […]

Special Issue “Decentralization and New Technologies for Social Media

Information (ISSN 2078-2489; CODEN: INFOGG) is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal of information science and technology, data, knowledge, and communication, and is published monthly online by MDPI. Organised by our partner Barbara Guidi from the Università di Pisa, the goal of this Special Issue is to collect research contributions, applications, analyses, methodologies, or strategies […]


ONLINE Sep 14TH – 15TH, 2020 The event endorsed by the European Alliance for Innovation, a leading community-based organisation devoted to the advancement of innovation in the field of ICT, focused on sharing valuable experiences on the design, implementation, deployment, operation and evaluation of smart objects and technologies for social good. Within the event, our […]


HELIOS @7th International Symposium Live Subtitling and Accessibility

ONLINE NOV 5TH – 6TH, 2020 Organised by the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, this event is an important meeting point for professionals, users, trainers and researchers, to exchange their views about most diverse fields of interest including live and multimedia reporting, new technological developments, live editing, accessibility services, and much more. During the event, our […]

Poster presentation @HCI 2020

ONLINEjULY 19TH, 2020 Our partners from Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain presented the poster “Speech Emotion Recognition from Social Media Voice Messages Recorded in the Wild” at the 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI2020). The event was held from 19 to 24 July 2020, under the auspices of 21 distinguished international boards of 492 […]

Paper presentation @FRUCT 27th

ONLINEsEPTEMBER 7TH, 2020 | 10:40 – 11:40 CEST Our partner Tommi Meskanen from the University of Helsinki, presented the paper “Privacy-Preserving Peer Discovery for Group Management in P2P Networks” at the 27th Conference on Open Innovations Association FRUCT (FRUCT 27th) which took place in Trento, Italy, with the option for virtual participation through Zoom platform. […]

Welcome to HELIOS - ARTICONF Experts' Vision Chat


HELIOS App – CJ Reporter

The HELIOS Platform is being validated through the development of decentralised social media apps which address different needs of today’s users. CJ Reporter app, developed mainly by our partners SWISS TXT with components from the HELIOS Platform, demonstrates the Prosumer Journey, from production to the contribution of pictures and videos on a decentralised app useful […]

Paper presentation @FRUCT 27th

Tommi Meskanen from the University of Helsinki presented the paper “Privacy-Preserving Peer Discovery for Group Management in p2p Networks” at the 27th edition of the Open Innovations Association FRUCT Conference. The event was held in Trento, Italy with the possibility to attend and participate virtually via Zoom platform.

HELIOS @AI4EU Web Café – “COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Apps” HELIOS participated at the special AI4EU Café titled “COVID-19 and Contact Tracing Apps”. On this occasion, the session, organised by Carmen Mac Williams from Grassroot Arts and participant of HELIOS, was held on a new multi-presenter format with experts from both AI4EU and HELIOS project as guest speakers. Check the recording of the session […]

Paper presentation at V International Congress on Communication and Thought: “Social networks, challenges, concerns and youth. HELIOS use cases”

Our partner David Hernandez from Escola Massana presents the paper co-written with Andreu Belsunces from the same institution, and Kevin Koidl from Trinity College Dublin, focused on the creative process developed during the conceptualization work of HELIOS with the co-creation process – led by young design students – for the definition of critical arguments for […]


Newsletter #4

Know more about the work of HELIOS and the launch of its BETA Platform release.

Newsletter #2

Happy New Year! Do you have goals about the use of Social Networks for 2020?


Press Release: ” EU-funded project HELIOS launches the Beta Release of its platform for the development of Decentralised Social Media services and Android-based apps “

The Beta Release offers multiple innovative components and services with a decentralized approach for giving back the control to users of the ownership and management of their content and data on social media apps. September 18, 2020. The project HELIOS, funded by the European Commission as part of its H2020 Programme, has launched the Beta […]

Research Note: OverTheBlock – Social Media Chapter

LINKS Foundation launched a market observatory on Blockchain and tokenized economy to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive window into the possibilities ushered-in by Distributed Ledgers Technologies (DLTs) as a game-changer in business, government and society. Read the Medium article

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