TAP 2 Open Bootcamp Competition


Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Lab of CERTH-ITI had the opportunity to pitch a fast track idea about the exploitation of mobile devices and 3D technologies in museums, galleries, and art institutions taking the 3rd place in the Tap2Open bootcamp competition among 21 contestants, receiving a money prize, and qualifying to the next phase involving marketing and advertising mentoring.

The idea was a subset of the technologies used in the HELIOS H2020 project and previously in DigiArt H2020 project as follows: “Digital exhibition labels: bring your old mobile device to make it a digital label in the museum”. The motivation was that normally printed labels that reside below artifacts have certain disadvantages, namely, they do not accommodate short-sighted people, the languages supported are usually no more than 2, the content is limited, and it is not interactive. Also, there are a lot of old smartphones that people throw away every year. Why not gifting the smartphone to the museum to transform it into a digital label, and thus, making it part of the museum?