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matchmaking of users according to their interests


helios.TALK allows users to communicate in a fully decentralised and confidential mode with their friends in defined contexts.


  • Adding Contacts: users need to exchange links in order to create a rendezvous key and initiate the communication.
  • One-on-one and group communications.
  • Manage different contexts: users can create or remove context, define colours for each one, link a specific location to a context and add contacts.
  • Users can create/update and share their profiles with their contacts.
  • Users can like/pin messages of their contacts and access them from the Fav(s) tab
  • Users can perform video calls.
  • Users can receive suggestions on the next interactions.

First release: 31 December 2020 beta release (version available for testing only by request)

Final release: 31 December 2021 

The helios. TALK application is publicly available on Google Play Store: 

Design Fiction

who is Sasha?

Sasha is a 20 years old erasmus design student who recently arrived at her new university in Barcelona, Escola Massana. She has a great inner world, is a bit shy and doesn’t know anyone yet, so she spends most of her time reading and watching series in her room in a shared apartment in the city center.

She arrived in the city two weeks before the beginning of classes, and she would like to meet students of her class or other grades like philosophy, sociology or fine arts from her university to talk about cinema, one of her greatest passions.

how is Sasha using Connecting People?

When she goes to Massana for the first time to get her official folder of the course and some other documents. She is advised by the school to download the HApp from google store. A QR code is also available in the administration office to demonstrate the HApp. 

Sasha installs the HApp and creates her personal profile from data available on her Android device in a secure and transparent way, and sets up the basic security privacy policy for activating her profile. The HApp learns from Sasha’s routine thanks to smart sensors located at different places she usually goes to.

One day, she creates a public group chat to discuss with other people the latest episode of Game of Thrones she just watched. The Connecting People HApp starts looking for people who have also activated the HApp based on Sasha’s data sharing preferences, and that is interested in cinemas in her area.

The HApp connects Sasha with Jean, who’s the same age and is going to start cinema studies at the same university. After chatting for a while, they create a public chat about contemporary films. The local cinema-theater HApp, where the two of them have recently gone, correlates their location and preferences data and offers them a discount for the last Jim Jarmush movie. They can accept the offer and pay for the tickets through the app.


Olivia, a 32 y/o user of Connecting People HApp is looking for cinema fans in her area and she sends a request for taking part in the forum Sasha and Jean created. The three of them decide to meet up at the park near the cinema and they spend a good time chatting about Game of Thrones and other interesting similar series. After this encounter, they continue talking through the HApp and they make their meetups public to meet more film fans which keeps the group growing. People join every week, by criteria of proximity and recommendations of the HApp with the affinities-aware matchmaking feature.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N° 825585